Recommending OrthoPrax

Nenad Djordjevic

March 10, 2018

The OrthoPrax App —
A Tool for the Contemporary,
on-the-go Orthodox

The new OrthoPrax iPhone & Android application provides the contemporary, on-the-go Orthodox Christian with a much needed resource to live according to the Faith. This resource is—in fact—several tools in one easy-to-use, intuitively designed application: calendar, prayer book, daily scripture readings, lives of the saints and troparia, while designers plan even more enhancements soon!

The app is revolutionary because it combines all these tools, previously available in several separate application, into one. But at the same time it is not overwhelming or difficult to navigate. When you open the app, you are greeted by an icon based on a theme you have chosen, with options ranging from Greek, Russian, Serbian, Arabic, Georgian to the bright and colorful Stamatesque — a nod to the contemporary iconographer Fr. Stamatis Skliris. A sense of peace pervades, as if hiding the treasure within. But with easy, intuitive navigation, you can quickly access the daily scriptures readings and lives of the saints — featuring thousands and thousands of icons and stories that inspire. For an additional fee, you can even access the lives narrated by Fr. Norman Kosanovich, allowing you to listen to the daily readings while driving to work, taking the subway, or jetting off into the sunset. It is like that daily multivitamin we need for spiritual nourishment which is only made complete when we physically attend the Divine services.

With fast-moving technology allowing information to be digitized and accessed through our phones, it’s hard to imagine that not too long ago you may have needed half a bookshelf to hold all of the resources available in the OrthoPrax app. Centuries ago, these complete resources may have only been available at better-equipped monasteries, libraries or schools. And here they are today, at your fingertips. Yet even with all of the lives and readings available, the designers have created an aesthetic that is serene and doesn’t jump at you. The content is available, and you can easily navigate from the daily scriptures to the lives of the saints to the prayers and fasting rules.  It’s all there — and it’s definitely worth trying!

Nenad Djordjevic is a small business owner and insurance professional based in the Chicago area. He assists the bishops of the Serbian Orthodox dioceses in the United States on matters related to public affairs. He is a proud husband, father and fan of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club.